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Seeking Owner-Operators

Truck drivers are the real heroes in this industry and we treat them with the utmost respect. We do not "force dispatch" our owner-operators. They have the option to accept or reject the load prior to confirming the load with the broker. This gives the control to our owner-operators to create a work/life balance for their individual needs.

100% Gross Pay

Earn up to $10,000 gross a week or more. Get paid as an independent contractor with no hidden fees.

Drivers will pay Western Montana Transportation fees for certain lease agreed expenses.

We Handle for You:

  • Load Booking

  • Rate Negotiations

  • Electronic Logging Devices & Fees

  • Monthly IFTA Fees

  • Monthly Pre-Pass fees (optional)

  • Invoicing Brokers or Factoring Companies on your behalf

  • Liability & Cargo Insurance

Discounted Prices

Tires purchased through a National buying program.

Contact Doug Today: 406-438-1058
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